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Special Events & FAQs

Classes and Special Events

Photograph Exhibits featuring Ted Keller's work are ongoing in various central Texas venues under the coordination of the Williamson County Art Guild (see venues at www.wcartguild.org) and other Central Texas art organizations. 

Art Gallery photos by Ted Keller on display and available for purchase:  Visit Ted's gallery space at The Framer's Gallery, 610 S. Main St., Georgetown, TX

Photography Classes/Workshops are taught by Ted Keller at local venues across central Texas. Call or use our "Request/Sign-Up" page to request or arrange a class/workshop for your organization or for instructions on how to enroll in an already scheduled event. Currently scheduled available-to-the-public events are listed below.


          All participants in the above workshops must 

pre-register and pre-pay online at www.roundrockarts.org

(select: "Workshops") 

Some Frequently Asked Questions


Why are photography, book sales, and business consulting combined on this site?

We practice what we teach: Since several of Ted Keller's business enterprises are offered under the single business "Ted Keller Consulting & Services, LLC," this solution optimizes our communication wth our diverse customer base.  It provides one-stop access for our clients at minimal cost and enables prospective customers to know the most about us.


What is covered in the Photography Classes/Workshops?

These classes/workshops are designed to help anyone improve their skill and understanding of photography no matter whether they are using a cell phone camera or a pro level DSLR camera. Composition, artistic objectives, exposure, lighting, different shooting workflows for sports/action/candids/wildlife/nature, close-up methods, camera operation techniques, and pro tips are all included.  The objective of these sessions is to enable the participant to better control what their camera does (rather than being controlled by their camera).  The sessions include many actual photographs to demonstrate good and bad technique.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their own cameras and manuals in order to participate in photographic exercises to learn and practice basic operations taught in the sessions. Each different version of these classes/workshops is focused on specific topics, requests or needs of the participants and is priced based on the class size, duration, depth, and demonstration equipment/facilities used for that respective session.


Coffee Table Book

Call us to Purchase

"Fifty Feisty Photos

for Daily Encouragement"

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Personal Training


Personal Instruction

Tailored to Include:

Knowing Your Own Equipment

Guided Local "Photo Shoot"

Shooting Work Flow

Constructive Critiques

Assignments with Evaluation

Digital Editing & Printing Basics

"How To" ( your choice ) 






& Mini-Workshops

Available Topics Include:

 How Cameras Work



Non-Studio Lighting

Color Balance

Depth of Field

Travel/Scenic Photography

Amateur Sports Photography

Wildlife Photography

Close-Up Photography

 Candid People & Pet Photography

Basic Photoshop Use

Teaching venues vary from classroom sessions to expeditions






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