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 Photography by Ted Keller

Welcome to our multi-discipline web site!                                                                                          Photography by Ted Keller is a component of Ted Keller Consulting & Services, LLC

Putting the WOW  back in Pictures!

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Photography by Ted Keller provides compelling photographic art as archival prints and stunning stock images for your publications.  Walls of many homes, offices, and businesses are decorated with our enlargements sold on-line, in art/craft stores, and at trade fairs.  Visit Ted Keller's Photo Gallery wall at the Framer's Gallery "Gallery Off the Square," 610 S. Main St., Georgetown Texas. 

Ted Keller's images have been published in brochures, calendars, greeting cards, newspapers, magazines, books, and advertisements for more than two decades.             He recently published the photo book "Fifty Feisty Photos For Daily Encouragement." (see our page dedicated to the book). 

Select images seen on this page or images from our "Gallery"                  to purchase enlargements or digital files using the "Request Quotes" page.

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We can teach you to make your own "WOW" images with your camera, phone, or any imaging device!  Ted Keller offers mini-workshops and classes, and he is available to work with you as a "personal trainer" to enhance your photographic skills.  He blends state of the art photographic technique with proven continuous process improvement disciplines from industry.  We offer portfolio reviews and constructive critiques of your best work.  In addition, we are well-known for helpful analysis of your disappointing photos to provide explanations of what is most likely causing your problems.


           Multimedia Classroom Sessions                                     On-location Instruction


                        Personal Training                                       Special Projects and Techniques

Our standard classes include: Basic Photography (Travel/Scenic Photography, Amateur Sports Photography, Close-Up Photography and Candid People & Pet Photography); Basic Photoshop Use; Wildlife Photography; and Advanced Photography.  We also  provide custom classes; we offer mini-workshops; and we can arrange and lead instructive photographic expeditions for your group.  Freelance assignments are accepted.

Use our "Request/Sign-Up" page to register for advertised classes that are posted on our Special Events page or to request classes (standard or custom).   Simply specify your class interest in the "Message" section of the form.

For your special events or vacation memories we can produce multimedia slide shows using your own pictures or our stock images.  Mr. Keller authors photography-related articles for publication and gives multimedia lectures on nature photography and conservation.  He is available as a photographic consultant to assist you with special imaging projects such as special effects or shooting in difficult or challenging situations. 


  We Can Assistance You in Planning for Shooting in Difficult Situations and Creating Special Effects 

We are always interested in sharing our photos in exhibits (current displays are listed on our Special Events page).  Businesses and restaurants are invited to decorate their walls with our photographs in exchange for the opportunity for their clients to purchase our artwork (consignment arrangements are negotiable).  Use our "Request/Sign-Up" page to make requests or notify us of submission opportunities.


                            Ted Keller's Photos on Exhibit                                   His Photos Decorating a Cafe


Read more about Ted Keller's photographic experience and his qualifications as a photography trainer on our "About" page.


Photography by Ted Keller Mission Statement

We applaud the splendor of creation through evocative nature and civilization photography and teach others how to do the same.

Our Definition of Nature Photography

"...stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God "

 [Job 37:14]


We practice what we teach and are committed

 to deliver excellence in everything we do.



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Spectacular imagery and photographic training are only two of the product lines of           Ted Keller Consulting & Services, LLC.  Our core services also include expert consultation, training and assistance to small businesses and Fortune 500 Corporations in the disciplines of: 

  • ·         Service & Process Governance
  • ·         Project Management
  • ·         Continuous Process Improvement
  • ·         Software Development Processes 
  • ·         Process Maturity Growth
  • ·         Software Reliability Engineering
  • ·         Quality Management


Read more on our "Business Consulting & Services" page.


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Personal Training


Personal Instruction

Tailored to Include:

Knowing Your Own Equipment

Guided Local "Photo Shoot"

Shooting Work Flow

Constructive Critiques

Assignments with Evaluation

Digital Editing & Printing Basics

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& Mini-Workshops

Available Topics Include:

 How Cameras Work



Non-Studio Lighting

Color Balance

Depth of Field

Travel/Scenic Photography

Amateur Sports Photography

Wildlife Photography

Close-Up Photography

 Candid People & Pet Photography

Basic Photoshop Use

Teaching venues vary from classroom sessions to expeditions