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Credentials & Experience

Ted Keller:

A Competent and Accomplished Photographer and Trainer

An Internationally Recognized and Award-Winning Business Expert



Photographic Expertise and Experience


Ted Keller has more than 30 years experience as a freelance nature photographer.  His portfolio includes compelling images from: the US mainland,     Alaska and Hawaii; Africa; Central America; South America; Australia; New    Zealand; and Europe. For over ten years Ted applied his photographic expertise   and prior corporate management experience to serve as a shareholder, business officer (corporation President 4 yrs), consultant, and teaching assistant for a       major photography workshop corporation.  In that capacity he was privileged to    be taught by, and to photograph side-by-side with, many of the greatest nature photographers in the world.  Today, Ted continues to sell and publish images, provides photographic consulting, and teaches photography classes. He     especially enjoys working with beginners as a photography “Personal Trainer.” 

Ted’s nature photos have continued to be sold on greeting cards in stores throughout Texas since 1995.  Walls of many homes, offices, and businesses are decorated with enlargements of his work sold upon request on the Request Quotes page, in art/craft stores/galleries and at trade fares.  His images have been published by: the Austin American Statesman; Bee Culture magazine (cover); GAPW, Inc.; Guestlife Houston (Desert Publications, Inc.); IBM Corporation; Nature Photographer magazine; Paradise Promotions; Reiman Media Group, Inc.; RSI Consulting, Inc.; the Wildlife Trust of North America, Inc.; and World Vision International.  Ted has published an inspirational book based on some of his favorite photos, “Fifty Feisty Photos for Daily Encouragement,” being sold on-line and in bookstores nationwide.

Organizations frequently request Ted’s inspirational, motivational and humorous presentations and compelling multimedia slide shows built from his portfolio of thousands of stock images.  With more than 25 published written works in the   public domain, and having authored countless internal documents as a Fortune     500 Corporate Executive, Ted Keller blends his writing and photographic skills          to create compelling and inspiring articles.  He is an active member of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA).


Business Consulting Expertise and Experience


Ted Keller has contributed over 40 years of creative leadership and process innovation to the I/T industry.  As a result of his award-winning achievements         and co-authorship of industry standards he is internationally recognized as an  expert in software development processes, software reliability engineering,       quality management, organizational governance, and customer satisfaction.             Mr. Keller is credited with leading and maturing industry best-practices in these disciplines as a employee of TRW, IBM, Loral, and Lockheed Martin corporations.    He is currently self-employed as a consultant.  Ted Keller has provided advisory tutorials, project reviews, advice, training, and/or consultation to over 200 entities, including: the US Department of Defense, NASA, AIAA, IEEE, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, National Research Council, IRS, European Space Agency, National Computing Centre of England, City of Singapore, Johns Hopkins University, Japanese Computer Manufacturers, University of Texas, Continuous Link International Banking System, National Academy of Sciences, State of Texas, National Security Agency, Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering   Institute, and many other Fortune 500 companies.  

He has extensive experience on project/account/proposal review teams, leading process evaluations, and providing problem diagnoses and corrective advice.         He also has achieved unique first-hand personal leadership success associated   with the application of software and organizational process capability and       maturity models (e.g., TSP/CMMI, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award        criteria, Total Quality Management, and ISO 9001 criteria). 

Mr. Keller played a lead role in the evolution of one of the world's most mature software processes by which virtually error-free, life-critical software was    developed for America's Space Shuttle. Under his coordination, that project   received the NASA Excellence Award for Quality and Productivity (George M.         Low Trophy) twice, the IBM "Best Software Lab" award twice, was evaluated to        be at Process Maturity "Level 5" by a NASA evaluation team trained by the     Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute, and was ISO 9001 Certified. 

In 1988 Mr. Keller was awarded the NASA Public Service Medal for his   "Contributions to the Space Shuttle Return to Flight Activities," and he was the recipient of the 1993 IEEE Reliability Society Award for his "Contribution to the Development of Highly Reliable Software."  As the Process Owner for the quality, safety, reliability, schedule adherence, and configuration management of the      Space Shuttle Primary Avionics Software, Ted Keller served as a member of the NASA Space Shuttle "Mission Management Team." He coordinated real-time   mission support activities for the onboard flight software, and for more than              10 years he was the accountable IBM/Loral/Lockheed-Martin signee of the      software "Certification of Flight Readiness" required by NASA before each         Space Shuttle Mission.

Applying and tailoring lessons learned from the Space Program, Mr. Keller spent      13 years in an executive role within IBM’s commercial services business area.     There he was accountable for 1400 employees and managed I/T services being supplied to more than 200 accounts worldwide.   In that position, he was able to direct the maturity growth of many business-critical processes and implement   highly effective governance and project management systems for IBM and for     IBM's commercial clients.  During that phase of his career he successfully led or coached three separate commercial business areas in the progression from        CMMI Level 1 to Level 3 maturity status.

Most recently Mr. Keller has been contracted by business units to diagnose process deficiencies, facilitate preparations for 3rd-party reviews, design and implement governance systems, and improve project management         effectiveness.  He has also developed training modules, and he has identified          uniquely differentiating customized practices and techniques for respective clients.

Ted Keller holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from        the University of Tennessee.  His contributions in the field of Software       Engineering are referenced in the John Wiley & Sons "Encyclopedia of Software Engineering" and numerous higher education textbooks. References to Mr.        Keller's expertise or projects he has coordinated have appeared in:      "Computerworld" magazine; "Aviation Week & Space Technology" magazine;            "IEEE Software" magazine; "Forbes" magazine; "Air & Space" Smithsonian magazine; "Scientific American" magazine; "CIO" magazine; and Fast Company magazine.  Mr. Keller was a co-author and appeared in the IEEE best-seller educational video "Developing Reliable Software In the Shortest Cycle Time," telecast nationally via National Technological University. He was also featured in   The Learning Channel 1997 television series "Extreme Machines," as the chief  quality and reliability process expert for the Space Shuttle avionics software. 

More than 20 of his technical works have been published.  One of his most popular publications appears in the Proceedings of the Software Engineering Institute SEPG North America 2012 Conference, March 15, 2012. 


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