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Business Consulting

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Business Consulting is a component of Ted Keller Consulting & Services, LLC


           Expert Business Consulting by Ted Keller



Ted Keller's Business Consulting Mission Statement 

We mentor and coach individual and team talent to Weave their past experiences and industry Best Practices into a customized Situational Framework for successful project execution and process improvement !



                                    Examples From our Training and Solution Approach


   Ted Keller is an internationally recognized award-winning expert in the most enabling disciplines for the success of any business.  His 40+ years of impact on the evolution of these disciplines and practices is well documented in textbooks, industry standards, and published "best practices." Specifically, our consulting service provides analysis, advice, training and innovative process customization in these business-critical areas: 

  • ·         Service & Process Governance
  • ·         Project Management
  • ·         Continuous Process Improvement
  • ·         Software Development Processes 
  • ·         Process Maturity Growth
  • ·         Software Reliability Engineering
  • ·         Quality Management

We have brought improvement to many small busines units, government agencies and Fortune 500 Corporations.  We can help your enterprise too! 


Ted Keller's experience and credentials are provided on our "About" page.  To explore opportunities to engage his services please contact us by phone or via our "Request Quotes" page. 


We practice what we teach and are committed

 to deliver excellence in everything we do.


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Expert business assistance is just one of the product lines of Ted Keller Consulting & Services, LLC.  We also operate Photography by Ted Keller to provide decorative photographic prints, stock images for your publications, photography training, and multimedia presentations (See tab above). 


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Personal Training


Personal Instruction

Tailored to Include:

Knowing Your Own Equipment

Guided Local "Photo Shoot"

Shooting Work Flow

Constructive Critiques

Assignments with Evaluation

Digital Editing & Printing Basics

"How To" ( your choice ) 






& Mini-Workshops

Available Topics Include:

 How Cameras Work



Non-Studio Lighting

Color Balance

Depth of Field

Travel/Scenic Photography

Amateur Sports Photography

Wildlife Photography

Close-Up Photography

 Candid People & Pet Photography

Basic Photoshop Use

Teaching venues vary from classroom sessions to expeditions






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