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Special Events & FAQs

Classes and Special Events

Photograph Exhibits featuring Ted Keller's work are ongoing in various central Texas venues under the coordination of the Williamson County Art Guild (see venues at www.wcartguild.org) and other Central Texas art organizations. 

Art Gallery photos by Ted Keller on display and available for purchase:  Visit Ted's gallery space at The Framer's Gallery, 610 S. Main St., Georgetown, TX

Photography Classes/Workshops are taught by Ted Keller at local venues across central Texas. Call or use our "Request/Sign-Up" page to request or arrange a class/workshop for your organization or for instructions on how to enroll in an already scheduled event. Additional sessions of these and other workshops can be scheduled at various locations to meet your needs or those of your group.   


Popular Workshops Currenty Available

[ Most are available via Zoom or Classroom depending on circumstances ]


Making Great Wildflower Photos

Whether you have a cell phone, a point-and-shoot or a pro-level camera this fun and informal 2.5 hour workshop will help you make better pictures of our colorful wildflowers. Artificial flowers and other props will be used in a variety of ways in the classroom to demonstrate, teach and practice proven professional techniques, methods and tips to create spectacular art with photographs of wildflowers. Gadgets and equipment will be introduced to help you achieve exceptional results instead of cliché snapshots. Bring your device and/or camera equipment and transform your wildflower photography!


Photographing Hummingbirds, Butterflies and Blooms

This 3 hour workshop will explain the successful strategies, special techniques, camera settings, lighting and compositional considerations, tools and tricks, and planning tips for capturing artistic and unusually spectacular photos of Hummingbirds, Butterflies, and Flower blooms. Particular emphasis will be placed on lens choices, photographer positioning, and shooting-angles/perspectives to create imagery with maximum artistic and emotional impact. Simulated outdoor situations (using artificial butterflies, blooms, and hummingbirds) will be created for photographic practice by participants with their own equipment. Various methods involving the use of flash, reflectors, diffusers, feeders, motion detectors, and camera mounting devices (e.g., tripods, etc.) will be discussed, debated, and evaluated.


The Value of Practice in Photography

This 2.5 hour workshop provides insight for ensuring that exceptional photo opportunities aren’t missed! Momentary light shafts disappear; wildlife scampers and flies; rainbows fade; kids’ expressions change; and guides move us along. Photographers can drastically decrease the probability of “missing the shot” by employing some proven techniques to prepare for likely situations and by employing

‘practice exercises’ to become much more proficient in making rapid settings changes for unexpected situations. The content will include a proven method for developing a systematic and organized series of test and practice shots to produce the technical “experience” most likely needed to “get the shot,” when the opportunity comes, to produce evocative art.


Leave ‘Auto’ Behind and Take Control of Any Camera

This 3 hour workshop will teach attendees ways to improve their photography from “making snapshots” to “creating art” with images that ‘WOW ’ viewers! Going beyond a camera store class, participants in this workshop will learn how to leave “Auto” behind and take control of any camera from phones to Pro-level equipment. The material will include how to exploit: composition; exposure; lighting values; viewer psychology; camera settings; and accessories to better express the photographer’s own creativity by telling stories through emotionally compelling imagery. The material will be customized in real-time to address participant interests in: scenic/travel; wildlife; candid/portraiture; sports; macro; abstract; and/or documentary photography.  Attendees should bring their own camera for practice in learning non-“auto” settings and features. In advance of the class it is suggested that participants locate/acquire the instruction manual for their camera model (which can be readily “Googled” and downloaded as a PDF from a number of sites). If convenient to bring, camera manuals will be helpful in the exercises.


Improving Your Nature Photography Compositions*

During this 1.5 hour workshop learn methods Pros use to plan and create the exciting and compelling scenic and wildlife compositions we see in museums and publications. This is a deep dive analysis into composition elements that “Wow” viewers and differentiate spectacular images from everyday snapshots. Study proven techniques for preparation, planning and “getting the shot.”  Once those more creative artistic compositional goals are understood, a valuable aspect of this workshop is the instruction on how to choose and use the right equipment combinations, settings and techniques to create those intended compositions.


Preparing to Produce Photographic Art on Safaris & Expeditions

This exciting 2.5 hour workshop can help prepare photographers for future expeditions, safaris or in-the-field workshops by providing insight, techniques and “answers to questions” they might not have thought of.  Because it is customizable, the workshop will include one or more short video “practice scenarios” for class participants to “photograph” practicing the techniques being taught. Subjects are taught from the perspective of an accomplished safari photographer and expedition leader including: gear choice optimization and pre-planning for shooting environments and scenarios (e.g., knowledge of photographic subjects, pre-consideration of shooting situations, and mastery of their photographic equipment, settings and techniques, tricks and tips).


Exhibiting, Selling & Publishing Your Photographic Art

Learn the “processes for increasing the probability of success” in exhibiting, selling, and/or publishing photographic work. Topics include: response to “calls/needs;” piracy risks and copyrights; framing and digital file preparation; submission guidelines; agreements & contracts; and photo editing.

Participants of this 2.5 hour workshop will explore respective enablers, impediments, and “processes for increasing the probability of success” in exhibiting, selling, and/or publishing photographic work. Content includes advice on these topics by the Pros and Masters in the industry as well as the instructor’s own first-hand experiences as a: multi-exhibit prize winner; multi-organization photo judge and exhibit juror; multi-gallery exhibit coordinator; published and selling photographer; nation-wide photo workshop leader; and published photo book author. Topics will include: “calls for art” and “photo needs” response; copyright protection; physical and digital media; mounting/matting/framing and digital file preparation; image subject matter choices; submission guidelines; agreements, contracts, and stock services; thematic portfolio preparation; image piracy prevention tactics; and technical aspects of photo editing for each intended use.


Improving Your Wildlife Photography

In this 3 hour workshop participants learn advanced techniques and practices used by world class professional wildlife photographers published in magazines and other media. The material and methods taught will improve the participant’s ability to exploit and blend: lighting situations; animal behavior; proficiency with photographic equipment use and technique; artistic and psychological factors of composition; ecological best practices; and proven “tricks of the trade.” One or more videos of actual wildlife situation(s) will be used to give participants the opportunity to practice and begin developing their own professional-style, safe, and successful “in-the-field” work flow. Emphasis will be placed on planning and choosing the optimal equipment combinations and settings for a variety of situations in order to be prepared “to get the shot.” 


Applying Proven Photographic Techniques to Produce Spectacular Art

This 3 hour (open ended) workshop will include real-time-photographic assignments outside around the classroom vicinity practicing proven methods for “working a subject to get the shot.” Hands-on classroom activities will assist photographers in: learning and executing a creative photo-making “workflow;” choosing appropriate equipment and accessories; ensuring sensor care; managing memory card(s); using filters; and exploiting camera/phone functions in producing stunning photographic art.

[ The final portion of this workshop is open-ended to allow participants to continue photographing outside as long as desired after the activities inside the gallery have completed.]


Photographing Art for Exhibit Submission, Online Media, or Print Sales & Publication*

This 3 hour workshop is a MUST for artists of all media. Learn how to get your 2D and 3D work submitted and increase the probability of acceptance. This session will show you how to properly light and photograph your own artworks to create high quality images specifically edited for: juried exhibit entry submissions; web posting (includes web sites and social media); professional quality print sales; or printed media publications. Each of these objectives have very different requirements, and this workshop will help you learn how to use your own camera (or phone in some cases) to achieve success in sharing or marketing your art. Topics include: accurate lighting; camera set up; managing reflections; color management; file resizing & renaming images; what jurors are looking for; what book/magazine publishers are looking for; and how to optimize imagery for web use. During the workshops participants will learn optimal settings with their own photo devices (cameras or phones) to produce digital images that faithfully represent their original art pieces and comply with submission guidelines for respective uses and media. As a participant you will learn how you can achieve all of this with very inexpensive equipment in your own home or art studio.


Image Editing to Improve Photographic Art*

Whether you are a photographer or painter, this 2.5 hour workshop will equip you with basic techniques for using an image editor (e.g., Photoshop Elements) to adjust, enhance and tune-up digital images to more accurately represent original scenes or photographed art work (e.g., your paintings) for printing, web-use and exhibit submissions. Workshop content will include: color management; cropping; adjusting color, shadows, contrast, brightness, and sharpness; file naming and sizing; and file types (e.g., JPEG, TIFF, etc.). Simple and easy steps for making these adjustments will be projected from the laptop of the instructor. While not required, workshop participants will be invited to bring/bring their own devices to practice image editing during the session with their installed image editors (Photoshop Elements, Photoshop, Photoshop Express, Lightroom, GIMP, Pinta, iPhoto, [MAC] Photos, etc.). Session editing exercises will be done using images to be provided by workshop participants as well as instructor-supplied “practice images.”


Evaluating and Critiquing Your Photographic Art

(offered as private sessions or group sessions) 

Participants in this 2-3 hour (variable depending on # of participants) workshop learn to recognize strengths and weaknesses in their images which most prominently impact viewers and better understand criteria that editors and judges consider in photographic image evaluation. A professionally-trained and published photo judge will lead constructive group analyses of the quality and emotional elements in each of a group of images brought to the session by the attendee(s). Participants should bring their own photos in either digital or print form for this workshop. To get the most out of this activity, photographers should include some of their best work as well as some pictures they tried- but that didn’t quite “work” as they had hoped. Many successful photographers consider this approach to be the best path for improvement!


Creating Intriguing Art by Photographing Common Items*

In this 3 hour workshop participants will learn and practice advanced techniques for photographing common everyday items in ways that produce intriguing art. The instructor will teach and demonstrate proper choice of equipment along with management of: lighting; backgrounds; depth-of-field; color; perspective; contrast; and shadows to create art rather than snapshots. Participants will use their own camera equipment to apply what they learn by making creative practice photos of 2D and 3D props while using inexpensive accessories that will be demonstrated and recommended for ideal backgrounds and lighting sources. This workshop will be valuable to photographers as well as artists in other visual media as a way to create reference imagery from which to paint, sketch, etc.  


Creating New Art by ‘Mining’ Your Prior Images*

Be a part of this exciting 2.5 hour “photo expedition” through your own older photographic images (or scenic paintings, sketches, etc.).  You don’t have to physically travel to create new images!  Learn proven techniques for “mining” your previous images for new and hidden treasures of composition, image adjustments, subject matter and style upgrading. Turn throw-aways into keepers! Re-live your greatest trips, outings and scenes with imagery (you may have missed the first time).  This experience will also help you recognize and create more compelling compositions on your next photo trek (or plein air session, etc.).


Improving Your Cityscapes and Travel Photography*

Learn how Pro Travel Photographers "work the shots" as they consider: lines and shapes; visual story-telling; unusual perspectives; timing; context; and spectacular light to create exceptional images.  This 2.5 hour workshop begins with an in depth analysis of the factors that differentiate photographic travel art from vacation snapshots.  Even “selfies” can become works of art when these attributes are understood and applied. This workshop will teach you to evoke your audience’s emotions and keep their attention whether projecting your photos, showing them online, or sharing them in a photo book. Special emphasis on composition, pre-planning, photographic technique, lighting considerations and equipment choices will increase your proficiency in general photography and result in many more ‘successful’ artistic travel and cityscape photographs.


* Workshops with an asterisk contain significant material that also appeals to and is    useful to artists in media other than photography      

Some Frequently Asked Questions


Why are photography, book sales, and business consulting combined on this site?

We practice what we teach: Since several of Ted Keller's business enterprises are offered under the single business "Ted Keller Consulting & Services, LLC," this solution optimizes our communication wth our diverse customer base.  It provides one-stop access for our clients at minimal cost and enables prospective customers to know the most about us.


What is covered in the Photography Classes/Workshops?

These classes/workshops are designed to help anyone improve their skill and understanding of photography no matter whether they are using a cell phone camera or a pro level DSLR camera. Composition, artistic objectives, exposure, lighting, different shooting workflows for sports/action/candids/wildlife/nature, close-up methods, camera operation techniques, and pro tips are all included.  The objective of these sessions is to enable the participant to better control what their camera does (rather than being controlled by their camera).  The sessions include many actual photographs to demonstrate good and bad technique.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their own cameras and manuals in order to participate in photographic exercises to learn and practice basic operations taught in the sessions. Each different version of these classes/workshops is focused on specific topics, requests or needs of the participants and is priced based on the class size, duration, depth, and demonstration equipment/facilities used for that respective session.


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