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Fifty Feisty Photos For Daily Encouragement

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for Daily Encouragement


 Sharing "life-truths" with photographs


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This unique 44 page multipurpose photo book is a fresh, inspirational, and entertaining read that will elate any reader.  “Feisty” is author Ted Keller's chosen term to describe the kinetic, courageous, and motivational impact of the “life-truth analogies” appearing in this book.  For each photograph, a caption states the analogous constructive “life truth” that can be recognized in the imagery.  The evocative cover and the 50 “feisty” images stimulate emotional responses which energize the associated motivational prose!  While the photos and accompanying captions stand alone, supporting references to the Bible are provided on each page for optional further reading to explain the thoughts behind the respective captions. 

                                                  Sample Book Page


As a nature photographer, the author began to recognize these visual analogies of motivational life-truths in his images as he recalled the relevant Bible verses.  Since the level of optimism in human attitudes and self-concepts affects our ability to cope, heal, grow, and excel in life, these energizing reminders can empower and strengthen anyone in all situations.

This 8.5" x 8.5" book was designed to serve as any or all of the following:

  • coffee table book
  • meditation guide for daily encouragement
  • resource for devotionals
  • e-book for guidance in a time of anxiety
  • hospital gift to lift up a patient
  • nature photo gallery
  • token of thanks gift to bless someone special in your life
  • source of hope to someone going through difficult times
  • e-book just for a mid-day ‘pick-me-up’
  • reference book on how to perceive “life truths” from nature scenes

                                                                      ISBN 978-1-47712-161-0 Soft Cover

                                                      ISBN 978-1-47712-162-7 Hard Cover

                                                      ISBN 978-1-47712-163-4 eBook


Coffee Table Book

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